Aesthetic Ear Surgery

The deformity of the ears is usually congenital and affects the social activities and self-confidence of the individual during childhood development. When the auricle projects abnormally, this is called “prominent ear”.

When to Have a Surgery?

Ear development is mostly completed (80%) by the age of 5-6.

Surgery can be performed any time after the age of 5-6. It is recommended to correct the existing deformity especially before school age. This is because it is important to prevent any psychological trauma resulting from the reactions of the child’s friends during school age. The deformity of the ear generally seen in our society is the prominent ear. It is easy to treat and the postoperative result is satisfactory. The shape given to the ear is permanent and the ear preserves its form for a life time even if there is a slight opening in the first 6 months.


Treatment is surgery. The ear is shaped from an incision made behind the ear. The cartilage is thinned with a cartilage file at appropriate areas to allow the auricle to fold backward. Then, special stitches are placed to make the fold permanent. The distance between the auricle and the base of the skull should be 1.5-2 cm or 35-40 degrees. Dressings are applied for about a week. A special ear bandage is applied for two weeks after the surgical wound heals.


Surgery can be performed under general anesthesia in children and under local anesthesia in adults. In addition, aesthetic ear surgery can be performed at any age.


There is very little scarring behind the auricle, which is usually invisible even if the ear is viewed from behind.

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