Hair Transplant

What is hair transplant?

It is the process of transplanting healthy hair follicles from the upper part of the neck, where there is genetically no hair loss, to the bald areas under local anesthesia.  The biggest expectation of those who want to have hair transplant is to have a natural appearance as a result of the procedure. Regardless of the technique, it would be best if the procedure is performed by Plastic Surgeons who know scalp anatomy and surgery


Why is hair lost?

Hair loss is natural as long as it is at a certain rate. It is normal for approximately 50 to 100 hair stands to be lost every day. However, losing more than that is considered abnormal. You can understand whether your hair loss is normal or abnormal from the amount of hair attached to the comb while combing your hair, accumulated in the sink while taking a shower, or seen on the clothes you wear.

The most important cause of hair loss for men is genetics. For women, hormonal disorders and manner of hair combing are the main causes. Accidents, burns, and illnesses may also cause hair loss.

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