Jaw Implant Surgery

This process involves applying an implant on the lower jaw and cheekbones in order to correct the contour deformities of the facial bones, bring balance to the face and provide a better appearance. For this procedure, necessary radiological images are analyzed and the surgery decision is made in consultation with your doctor. There are various implants. Most commonly used implants include silicone and Medpor implants. Medpor is a type of implant that is completely compatible with the human body and has a low risk of allergic reaction and rejection.



Jaw implant surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. It takes about 1 hour. In general, the implant is placed through the incision made in the mouth. Self-absorbing stitches will disappear within 7-10 days. Swelling subsides in 4-6 weeks. The desired result will be obtained in 4-6 months.


Required Criteria for Surgery

First of all, the patient should wait for the jawbone to fully complete its development. So, the best time is after the age of 17-18. In addition, the person that will undergo the surgery should not have orthodontic problems. If there is an orthodontic problem, orthodontic treatment should be applied first. If post-treatment occlusion (jaw closure) is appropriate, this surgery should be recommended.

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